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Next Online Habit And Behavior Change™ Workshop Closes in...

Learn The Same Steps I Followed To End My Suffering From Chronic Dieting, Emotional Eating, Imbalances Of Burnout And Addictions To Food, TV, Busy-ness, Emails (I Could Go On ;-)To Step More Fully Into My Own Heart And My Own Potential

LIVE Workshop!

Saturday August 26
EST (New York): 11:30am - 4:00pm
PST (Los Angeles): 8:30am - 1:00pm

Habit And Behavior 
Change™ Workshop

You're gonna get it all! The 5-step formula to strategically use willpower and change a habit; the 3-step process of Thought Redirection; and tools to reduce enough resistance to find a better way...

Maya Nahra, RD

Behavioral Registered Dietitian, fellow recovering control-freak, and your workshop host
Thinking about joining us for the workshop? 
These attendees did - check out what they had to say...
"The place I had arrived at prior to today was ‘hopeless.’ Truly didn’t think there could be a way out of the way I’m feeling with all this weight. For the first time - in a long time - I have hope that I CAN be in charge of my health and destiny.”
THIS is what I’ve been looking for, very glad I carved out the time.”
"I was shocked to see this workshop wasn't about the food as much as releasing the brain and living from the heart. TOTALLY makes sense."

STOP! So, What Are These Workshops All About... And What Do We Actually Going To Be Doing In Our 4 Hours Together?
Make Eating EASY
When we start a diet Monday, change 998 things and fall into chocolate cake by Friday, we use willpower UNstrategically. The first thing we do together is learn and apply the 5-step formula for physical habit change to automate your eating so we can focus on the important stuff: your head!

Learn To THINK Differently
Most of our time together is spent in learning blocks two and three where you'll identify your habitual thought patterns - like your perfectionism, all-or-nothing living keep you stuck in black and white land, which doesn't allow you to see the middle road or balanced living options, like eating a cookie AND a salad on the same day without saying 'screw it'...
REDUCE Resistance
The only thing between where you are now and your permanence & peace of mind is resistance - the fighting. We'll identify your unique resistance points - such as feeling like being healthy is hard, failure is inevitable, and maybe this is just how it's gonna be for me - through multiple exercises then provide you the tools you need to change them permanently.

How It Works...

Would you pay $97 to learn the step-by-step formula I follow to reduce the resistance to the 998 things I think I 'should' be doing in exchange for peace of mind and permanence in a single habit that lasts for life?  

Would you like to join me in the Habit and Behavior Change™ Workshop where I should you how I learned to think differently, freeing myself from constant feelings of guilt and self-induced stress, anxiety and worry?  

Beyond your current doubt, if you allowed yourself to dream for just a moment, how good would it feel to finally be free of food, stress, anxiety, dieting, worry, perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking... even fear of failure and the unknown? 

On this priceless online Habit and Behavior Change™ Workshop, you'll get to spend 4 hours with me, you'll gain new levels of awareness, discerning between you, and your head, and the insistent nonsense, fear and judgement it spits out on a regular basis, driving your mis-aligned behaviors (like food). You'll learn exactly how to be the DIRECTOR of your life... instead of the directed, by learning how to think differently. 

(NO meal plans... I promise! ;-) 

This is how it works...

Step #1: Put in your credit card by clicking here now to reserve your spot.

Step #2: You attend the 4 hour workshop with me, Maya (with three main teaching blocks: The Physical Habit Change Formula, Thought Redirection and Belief Identification) 

Step #3: At the end of the online Habit and Behavior Change™ Workshop, if you haven't received huge value and feel your very next single step forward on your journey, then just email me (at my private email address that I'll reveal during the online workshop) and you won't have to pay me...and I'll even refund your $1.

When you do have your first new habit in place, then just do nothing and after the workshop, you'll be billed a one-time payment of just $97.
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